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Access analytic tool used in this website

This website uses “Google Analytics,” which utilizes cookie for collecting data traffics. This data traffics are collected without any confidential information identifying an individual. This function can be rejected by invalidating cookie. Please check the setting of your browser. Please click here for the terms of “Google Analytics” services.

Comments on this website

This website records IP addresses as the correspondence to spam and vandalism. This function is supported as standard by this blog service. We do not use the IP addresses for any other purposes than the correspondence to spam and vandalism. All comments are checked and confirmed for their contents by the authors before being posted.

In addition, any comments including the following would not be approved but deleted.

  • Abusing any specific individual or entity
  • Pornography
  • Anything against law and regulations such as transactions of forbidden items, requests to harm others, etc
  • Other things against public order and morals, and anything that the authors believe inappropriate.


Media taken by authors

Please do not use any media taken by authors without their permission. If you would like to use the media, please contact the authors for contents and links to the website you use the media in advance.

In this website, the photos taken in cities and shops the authors visited are posted. We consider the privacy as serious as possible before posting the photos. However, please contact us if you see any issue on the privacy. The photos would be modified or removed in case of any issue.

Other media used in this website

Media (photos and movies) taken by others but permitted for public use is rarely used in this website. We do not intend to infringe on copyright of such media. The ownership of such media is belonged to their creators. Please contact us if you see any issue on copyrights or portrait rights.


This website utilizes the third-party advertisement services. Basically, items introduced here are the ones the authors actually used and recommends. However, some advertisement services, including Google AdSense, may use “Cookie (not including name, address, email address, or phone number)” in order to show the advertisements that you may be interested in. Also, please click here for setting to reject the advertisement company to use the cookie.

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