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Ribeira Square
Ribeira Square
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Rede Expressos Bus from Lisbon to Porto

Rede Expressos - Lisbon bus terminal


Price: 19 Euros / person

Trip time: 4 hours (3 hour and 30 minutes per bus company website)

Boarding location: Google Maps

Drop-off location: Google Maps

The tickets were booked online where seats could be selected. We took subway from our hostel and got out at Jardim Zoológico Station. The bus terminal was only a few steps away from the subway station. Signs could be found right outside of the subway station for direction.

Upon our arrival at the bus terminal, we confirmed the boarding platform with the ticket counter. Before boarding, We showed the tickets on our phone for check-in without any issue.

Each seat was equipped with a small table and a net bag attached to the back of the seat in front. The bus left at 2:30pm as scheduled and made a 5-minute stop at Fatima where some passengers got off.

It was a smooth ride and the seats were comfy for a 4-hour ride.

Light-rail from hostel to Porto Airport

Light-rail Train and Ticket (Porto, Portugal)

Price: 2.6 Euros / person (0.6 Euro just for the card, no value within, and 2 Euros for the ride)

Payment: Cash or credit card (but for some reason the credit card reader did not work so we had to use cash)

Trip time: About 1 hour and 15 minutes (including waiting time)

Tickets could be purchased at the station, and English was available at the ticket machine. The ticket price was determined by destinations based on the zones assigned. A card was required for each passenger (not shareable). Passengers should place the card on the ticket sensor machine at the station before boarding.

We took the D train from General Torres station and transferred at Trindade for E train to the airport (The Airport E Train ran every 20 minutes). The trains were pretty quiet and the ride was smooth.

While our hostel was in Vila Nova de Gaia (right across the Ponte Luis I Bridge from Porto), all the attractions we visited (introduced below) were within 30-minute walk, so we did not use any transportation other than the last day for the airport.


MOB+ Guesthouse

MOB+ Guesthouse (Porto, Portugal)

Price: 35 Euros / twin bed room / night with shared showers and bathrooms (Saturday / Sunday nights)

Payment: Cash or credit card

Wifi: Available and stable

Amenities: A towel and shampoo were provided. A two-door closet and small chair/shoe rack in the room and small shelf between the beds. Two large windows in the room with a side view of Porto.

Meal: Not included

LocationGoogle Maps

This hostel was located in Vila Nova de Gaia, right across the Ponte Luis I Bridge from Porto. We booked this location so we could enjoy the view of Porto. Although it was not in Porto, it took less than 30 minutes to walk to all the places we visited, since it was located in the middle between the lower and higher levels of the Ponte Luis I Bridge and easy to connect to different points in Porto.

The closest light-rail station was General Torres, about 8 to 10-minute walk away. The train ran through Luís I Bridge and only took one transfer to go to Porto Airport.

On our floor, there were two private rooms (next to each other), one bathroom (no showers), a living room (with TV), kitchen with dining table and patio. Downstairs were another two private rooms and bathrooms (separated for male and female, each had two showers and one toilet). Both the room and bathrooms were very clean. We did not use the kitchen but it also appeared clean.

We informed the host during our booking that we would arrive after the check-in time, so she provided clear instructions through phone in English when we arrived and we were able to pick up the keys (in a separate building), found the hostel and got into the room without any issue. Not lots of guests during our stay so it was nicely quiet.

Both the reception and luggage storage were in a different building (a few minutes walk up the slope). Upon our arrival, we were told to go to the reception to pay between 2pm and 7pm if we would like to pay by card. Otherwise we would have to pay cash. This was not an issue for us since we did not have a tight schedule, but it would be nice to be notified earlier.

Despite the payment process, everything was great. The hostel was clean and quiet the whole time. Since the hostel was across the bridge from Porto, we got to enjoy the Porto and river view in the morning and evening, and Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar (great spot for Porto night view with the bridge) was only 10-minute walk away.

Overall we had a very comfy stay.

Food / Restaurant


Jimão (Porto, Portugal)

English menu available. From a cost-performance perspective, this was our favorite restaurant during our stay in Porto.

There were about 10+ options for both hot and cold tapas. The ingredients were fresh and the seasoning were perfect for every dish we ordered. We tried both hot and cold, seafood and meats, everything was very delicious.

Service quality varied based on the waiters. The waiter for our first visit was very polite and professional, answering our questions nicely and clearly, which brought us a great dinner time, while a different waiter for our second visit was not very good, seemed distracted all the time.

The first visit we ordered 5 tapas for 34.8 Euros and the second visit we had 2 tapas for 16.5 Euros.

Outdoor seating available (1 to 2 tables), with view of Ribeira Square and the river. Restrooms were very clean.


Payment: Cash or credit card

LocationGoogle Maps

Padaria Ribeiro

Mil Folhas com Creme Russo (Porto, Portugal)
Mil Folhas com Creme Russo

This was a bakery 1-minute walk from Livraria Lello ticket office with many options, including bread, pastries, cookies and desserts. The staff did not speak English but was nice and friendly. We ordered a cream slice (Mil Folhas com Creme Russo), croissant and quiche for 4.05 Euros. The mil folhas was amazing and only costed 1 Euro.

Big outdoor seating area. Restroom was okay to use.

Payment: Cash or credit card

LocationGoogle Maps

Taberna Santo António

Taberna Santo António (Porto, Portugal)

A local restaurant at a corner with great food. There were about 10 tables and 4 bar seats. The menu was not big, about one dish for one kind of meat/seafood. At least one of the staff spoke English and there was English menu.

It was not as fancy as those restaurants along the river side but we really enjoyed the food and local atmosphere. We arrived around 1pm on a Sunday and their wait list was pretty long. Luckily there were two spots at the bar so we were seated shortly. We ordered 2 codfish cakes, 1 seafood rice and 1 liter bottled water for 11.8 Euros. The seafood rice was delicious with so much seafood and it was impossible to scoop the rice only.

Outdoor seating available but for drinks only. Restrooms were okay to use. The restaurant was in a residential neighborhood and there were lots of local colorful houses along the way to the river side.


Payment: Cash or credit card

LocationGoogle Maps

1927 Galataria Portuense

1927 Galataria Portuense (Porto, Portugal)

A local ice cream shop with friendly staff. Not a lot of options but some were unique and very tasty. highly recommended (just personal preference but we liked this place much more than Santini). We ordered a medium size with 2 scoops for 3.6 Euros.

The shop was very clean. Both indoor and outdoor seating available, about 15 seats in total.

WebsiteHomepage, Menu (for reference only, a bit less options in store)

Payment: Cash or credit card

LocationGoogle Maps

Casa Porto Á Noite

Casa Porto Á Noite (Porto, Portugal)

We had a traditional Portuguese meal Tripas à moda do Porto. We sat outside and ordered a small size to share for 11 Euros. The staff was friendly and the food was good.

It appeared that the restaurant was famous for Fado. A performance was scheduled that night and all the indoor seats were reserved.

Payment: Cash only

LocationGoogle Maps

Tapabento S.Bento

Tapabento S.Bento (Porto, Portugal)

The restaurant had two floors, and it provided a good amount of menu options (tapas, plates and desserts). We made the reservation through email before the trip and they replied very quickly. The also sent a confirmation a few days before.

Upon our arrival, a lady checked our reservation, asked where we were from and provided the menus in Japanese and traditional Chinese right away. The menus were very clear and decent and we were seated before our reservation time.

Each table had a table cloth, with a set of utensils and napkins in the same patterns. Our waiter spoke English and was pretty nice. All the food we had was amazing and we had a really good dining experience here. We had 1 soup, 3 tapas and 1 dessert for 46.5 Euros.


Payment: Cash or credit card

LocationGoogle Maps

Confeitaria do Bolhão

Confeitaria do Bolhão (Porto, Portugal)

A local bakery right across Bolhão Market, providing many options of pastry and desserts. Customers would order at the pastry counter, get a card, and pay at the other counter at the door. Dining area was available in the back.

We ordered three pastries, two egg tarts and a bottle of fresh orange juice for 8.15 Euros. A good place to try something local.

Payment: Cash or credit card

LocationGoogle Maps

Bolhão Market (Mercado do Bolhão)

Mercado do Bolhão (Porto, Portugal)

The original building was under renovation during our visit and a temporary location was set up at a lower level of a shopping center right behind the Chapel Of Souls. The temporary market was clean and organized, with a good amount of vendors selling meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, seasoning, along with some pastry and wine. There were also a few tables for quick bites.

We had a small box of fresh stawberries for 1 Euro and the lady even washed them so we could eat right away. It was a nice place to walk around but definitely did not have the atmosphere of a local traditional market.

LocationGoogle Maps

Cafe Santiago

Cafe Santiago (Porto, Portugal)

The restaurant was well known for Francesinha, a sandwith made with bread, ham, sausage or roast meat and covered with melted cheese and a hot thick tomato and beer sauce, served with french fries.

We wanted to try just the sandwich without the fries. The waiter did not speak English but using some body language we successfully got the sandwich with everything (including the egg on top) without fries for 9 Euros. This was not on the menu but apparently they could made it. It was not bad to try it once. We also saw local people came in for soup and other meals.


Payment: Cash or credit card

LocationGoogle Maps

Confeitaria Novagaia

Confeitaria Novagaia (Porto, Portugal)

A local bakery in Vila Nova de Gaia with lots of options, including bread, pastry and desserts. The staff did not speak English but was friendly. We bought two pieces for 1.8 Euros and both were pretty good.

Payment: Cash or credit card

LocationGoogle Maps

Confeitarias Arca & Arcádia SA

Confeitarias Arca & Arcádia SA (Porto, Portugal)

A cute and classic Portuguese handmade chocolate shop selling various types of chocolates, including Port wine-filled chocolates. We bought two boxes for 21 Euros.


Payment: Cash or credit card

LocationGoogle Maps


Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar

Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar (Porto, Portugal)

LocationGoogle Maps

This was a great location to enjoy the night view of Luís I Bridge and Porto, accessible by walk and car. 5-minute walk up from Jardim do Morro ligh-rail station.

Livraria Lello

Livraria Lello (Porto, Portugal)


Price: 5 Euros / person

Payment: Cash or credit card

Ticket office locationGoogle Maps

Bookstore locationGoogle Maps

This bookstore was named as one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world.

The ticket office opened at 9:45am and the bookstore opened at 10am. Backpacks and selfie sticks were not allowed in the bookstore. Lockers were available in the ticket office. 1 Euro was required to use the lockers but it would be returned when bags were picked up. In the back of the first floor, staff in a showroom demonstrated expertise work, including book repair, binding, and calligraphy. These were also services provided to customers.

We went on a Sunday morning. We arrived at the ticket office around 9:30am and it opened on time. About 10 people ahead of us in the line. By that time, nobody lined up in front of the bookstore. The bookstore opened at 10am, and we got in as the first group so were lucky to get to enjoy some quiet moments and see the bookstore and famous red stairs before they were flooded by countless visitors. Afterwards, both floors were full of people in less than 15 minutes.

On the day of our visit, the staff in the showroom was repairing a journal from the bookstore owner’s grandson. She focused on her work regardless of the noises around but was also very patient when answering questions from other visitors.

Mercado Ferreira Borges

Mercado Ferreira Borges (Porto, Portugal)

LocationGoogle Maps

Urban Market was held at this place during our visit, A lot of local vendors gathered here, selling handmade clothing and jewelry, bags, art designs and paintings. This was a good spot to find souvenirs or decorations that were different from the souvenir stores. We were attracted by the stand selling various spices and we bought a Portuguese one for 3.5 Euros since it tasted so amazing as seasoning.

Ribeira Square (Praça Ribeira)

Praça Ribeira (Porto, Portugal)

LocationGoogle Maps

A small square on the river side, surrounded by colorful houses and restaurants. Here we found tourists enjoying the food and riverside view from the outdoor seats while local residents were doing laundry at the balcony of the buildings behind. There was sidewalk along the river, good for a walk under the sunshine. During our stay, there was also live music Saturday night.

Church of Saint Ildefonso (Igreja Paroquial de Santo Ildefonso)

Igreja Paroquial de Santo Ildefonso (Porto, Portugal)


LocationGoogle Maps

This church was decorated with the traditional blue tiles, just like many other churches in Porto. One of the things that made it unique was the location. It was on a small slope with stairs leading up to the main entrance, which increased its majesty. Also there was a small square in front of it so no interruptions from cars when taking pictures or just viewing the church.

Clérigos Church (Igreja dos Clérigos)

Igreja dos Clérigos (Porto, Portugal)


Price: 5 Euros / person for day pass

Payment: Cash or credit card

LocationGoogle Maps

The church had a tower which was a great spot for a 360 degree city view. Visitors had to walk stairs both up and down (225 steps, same stairs) but the view would worth it. Both the stairs and tower were very tiny so better not to carry any large bags or backpacks.

Per website, there were day pass and night pass. When we planned for our trip, there were no dates specified for the night pass. However during our visit, we were told that the night pass was only available during Summer (for 2018, it was May 31 – October 7) and we were a few days early. Apparently the website was updated right before their summer schedule came out.

Porto São Bento

Porto São Bento (Porto, Portugal)


Porto São Bento Station - Locker price Porto São Bento Station – Locker price

LocationGoogle Maps

The train station inside was decorated by the traditional blue tiles, and it worth a visit even without taking a train. Lockers were available on the west side of the lobby.

Chapel Of Souls (Capela Das Almas)

Capela Das Almas (Porto, Portugal)

LocationGoogle Maps

The church was famous for the outside decoration of traditional blue tiles. Inside was open to public for free.



Post Office and Postcard (Porto, Portugal)

Price: 0.4 – 0.5 Euro for regular papercard, 1 Euro for cork card

Postage: 0.91 Euro for international mailing

LocationGoogle Maps

There was a machine at the entrance with English. We selected “A – Global Services” for mailing the postcard, got a number and went to the assigned counter. The staff spoke English and was very nice. There was also a table and chairs in the office. The mailbox was right outside of the office.


Portugalidades (Porto, Portugal)

Payment: Cash or credit card

LocationGoogle Maps

A local shop selling handmade glass objects and ceramics. It had many beautiful products that were very different from souvenir stores so good for people looking for something nice and unique. We bought 2 glass plates (coaster size) for 16.8 Euros.