(Info) Segovia, Spain

Aqueduct of Segovia セゴビア水道橋 塞哥維亞水道橋
Aqueduct of Segovia セゴビア水道橋 塞哥維亞水道橋
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Train From Madrid Airport to Madrid-Chamartin Station

Madrid Airport - Renfe Station

Price: 2.6 Euros / person

Payment: Cash or credit card

Trip time: 15-20 minutes

Renfe train station was located on the lower level of Terminal 4. While free airport shuttles were available, Terminal 4 was about 10 minutes drive from all other terminals. Ticket machines were right outside of the train platform. Staff were also on site to provide assistance (in Spanish and English). Metro station was right next to Renfe station.

Madrid-Chamartin Station

Free wifi was available in the station. Tourist Information Center (located at south east corner of the station, assistance available in Spanish and English), free restrooms (not very clean but okay to use), food stands (selling sandwiches and drinks) and some shops were also in the lobby.

Train between Madrid-Chamartin Station and Segovia Av Station

Renfe Ticket Machine at Madrid Chamartin Station

Price: 12.9 Euros / person / ride (10.3 Euros if purchasing round-trip)

Payment: Cash or credit card (including mobile payments)

Trip time: about 30 minutes

Ticket machines were in the station lobby (available in various languages) and staff were on site for assistance. Seats were automatically assigned. The train and platform information could be easily found on the electronic board by departure time and train number.

All the bags were required to be scanned for security check before boarding. Luggage storage was available at one side of the train cart (fit 5 to 6 carry-on size suitcases) and above the seats. 2 outlets were between the seats. Each seat was equipped with a table, bottle holder and a net bag attached to the back of the seat in front.

Note that Segovia station name was listed as Segovia Av on the ticket machine but as Segovia Guiomar at the actual station.

For online tickets, please refer to Renfe website.

Segovia Av (or Segovia Guiomar) Station

Only the information / ticket center and a coffee shop were open when we arrived. All other stores were closed. Restrooms were free and okay to use.

Bus from Segovia Station to Segovia town

Bus to Segovia Downtown from Train Station

Price: 2 Euros / person (cash only)

Trip time: about 20 minutes

It appeared that the bus schedule was set up based on the train arrival time. 2 buses (#11 and #12) were waiting outside of the train station when we arrived and we took #11. Taxis were also available. Aqueduct of Segovia was the last stop. The drop-off and boarding were at the same location in the town (on Av. Via Roma, north east of the circle next to the Aqueduct of Segovia).


Renfe Trenhotel from Madrid, Spain to Lisbon, Portugal

Renfe Trenhotel
Renfe Trenhotel

Price: 34.2 Eur / person / bed in a 4-bed dormitory room (promo tickets)

Trip time: 11 hours

We purchased the tickets online during promotion. Passengers could pick top or bottom beds during the purchase. Dormitory rooms were separated by male and female. Please ensure you input the information correctly during the purchase to be assign to the rooms properly. Otherwise, the train staff was authorized not to allow your boarding.

All the bags were required to be scanned for security check before boarding. The station staff checked the tickets before boarding and the train staff checked the second time after passengers went into the assigned rooms.

This train was scheduled to depart from Madrid-Chamartin at 9:43pm and arrived in Lisbon Oriente at 7:20am. The actual departure time was about 10pm and arrived around 8am (all these times were local time, note Madrid is 1-hour ahead of Lisbon). The train staff would knock on each door 30 minutes before arrival.

This train had 3 cars equipped as bedrooms. Our train car had 4 dormitory rooms. The other two had multiple 2-bed rooms (two types – with or without showers). No shared showers but each train car had a bathroom. It had toilet papers, both cold and hot water, and was clean in general. Each room also had a washstand. The train was also equipped with a dining car and normal seating cars.

The aisles and rooms were tight but each bed was well equipped with a personal light, pillow, blanket, and two hangers. Each passenger would also obtain a bottled water, soap and a pair of earplugs. The room was relatively warm and the bed was comfy. Two carry-on size bags fit underneath the bottom beds, and there was some space for backpacks next to the washstands. For safety purpose, the dormitory room door could not be locked, so bring a cord and lock if preferred.

It was very interesting that each bed was also equipped with two elastic buckles. For those who might be concerned falling off the beds, these buckles could be used to tie themselves up during the ride.

One of the girls in the room had a large check-in suitcase and we were all okay to leave it in front of the washstand (also the only space it fit). The suitcases could not be left on the aisle since there was no place to be locked and they would block the tiny aisles.

The train staff was nice and willing to help. One of the girls in the room had a connecting train and got nervous since our train was delayed. After she spoke to the staff, the staff provided her with platform information also directed her to wait at the train door before the train arrived at the station, and the girl was able to catch her train.

Overall it was an interesting experience. Inevitably the train could be shaky during the ride sometimes but it was a smooth ride, also saved money for accommodation and transportation time.

Food / Restaurant

Café de la Estación

Cafe de la Estacion at Madrid Chamartin Station

This place was recommended by the lady at the Tourist Information Center in the Madrid-Chamartin Station. It was located at the west side of the station where an escalator could be found to go down to the lower level. It had more food options with lower prices than the food stands in the station lobby. We ordered a cheese and fresh ham sandwich for 3.4 Euros.

There were also some fast food and family restaurants outside of the train station.

Payment: Cash or credit card

LocationGoogle Maps

Lali Restaurant

Lali Restaurant (Segovia, Spain)

English menu available. The set menu included appetizer, main course and dessert. The food was not bad but nothing impressive. However the Ponche Segoviano dessert was absolutely amazing. We also had 1 liter water for 3 Euros.

Outdoor seating available (5 to 6 tables). Restroom was not very clean but okay to use.

Price: Set menu 16.5 Eur / person

Payment: Cash or credit card

Links: Homepage

LocationGoogle Maps

Limón y Menta

Limon y Menta (Segovia, Spain)

Limon y Menta (Segovia, Spain)

This was a nice place to enjoy desserts. Lots of options available and the staff was nice. We had one apple pie and crispy donuts for 2.2 Euros.

Indoor seating available, about 10 seats in total.

Website: Homepage

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Mercadona Supermarket

The supermarket was 10-minute walk from Madrid-Chamartin train station, pretty big and clean. The lady at the fresh ham counter did not speak English but was very willing to help. We bought fresh ham, cheese, bread (0.26 Eur / 100g), pasties (0.75 Eur / 100g), crackers and cholocates for 5.53 Euros. Freshly made orange juice was also available, one 500 ml bottle for 1.9 Euros.

Payment: Cash or credit card (including mobile payments)

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Aqueduct of Segovia (Acueducto de Segovia)

Acueducto de Segovia (Segovia, Spain)

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This was a Roman aqueduct bridge that brought breath-taking view. There were stairs on one side and a wide slope on the other and visitors could walk around to enjoy the view from difference points. The stairs led all the way to almost the top of the bridge, also a great viewpoint of the town. The World Heritage logo was located on the right side of the stair entrance.

Alcázar de Segovia

Alcazar de Segovia (Segovia, Spain)

Ticket Price of Alcázar de Segovia (Segovia, Spain)
Ticket Price of Alcázar de Segovia

LocationGoogle Maps

After entering the gate (where a dressed-up soldier stood), we walked on the left side and looked back for the view of the town. Also there was an old-school water fountain on the edge of the green field right in front of the castle entrance.

Catedral de Segovia

Catedral de Segovia (Segovia, Spain)

Open Hours of Catedral de Segovia (Segovia, Spain)Open Hours of Catedral de Segovia
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SIM Card

Vodafone, Orange and Movistar all had stores in Segovia town within walking distance. Most clerks spoke English. Based on our need and comparison across all different packages, we decided to purchase Vodafone prepaid SIM card with 1.5G data (4G speed) and 20-minute calls for 15 Eur. However, their system somehow was not working during processing so we did not get one. This was actually not bad for us at all since we got a much better deal in Lisbon next day. Refer to (Info) Lisbon, Portugal for detail.