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La Sagrada Familia サグラダファミリア 聖家堂
La Sagrada Familia
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Flight from Porto, Portugal (OPO) to Barcelona, Spain (BCN)

Price: US $30.54 / person (1 carry-on, no check-in bags, seats randomly assigned) and US $59.91 / person (2 carry-on, 2 check-in bags, able to select seats, priority boarding)

Trip Time: 1 hour 45 minutes

In-flight meal: None

We booked the tickets on Ryanair website. The tickets were cheap but the boarding time was delayed without any explanations. Also all the additional charges were extremely high comparing to any other lower cost carriers (LCC) we flew with ever. For instance, they charged 55 Euros per ticket if the passengers did not check in themselves online 2 hours in advance. Just beware of all these charges.

We had a medium Osprey 55L bag and another 2 smaller backpacks, none of them had to be checked in so that saved us some time after we arrived in Barcelona.

T-10 tickets from Barcelona Airport

Price: 10.2 Euros / ticket (for 10 rides, card shareable by more than one passengers)

Payment: Cash or credit card

Ticket office location: Google Maps

Bus pick-up location: Google Maps

Our flight landed in Barcelona around 10:20pm and we purchased the T-10 tickets from the train station in Barcelona Airport Terminal 2. Our flight landed in Terminal 2 but it still took us almost 10 minutes to walk to the train station.

T-10 tickets could not be used for airport express bus “Aerobus” (A1 and A2) but could be used for local buses, including Bus red 46 (for day and night) and blue N16 (for late night) to go to downtown. Most people took these buses and got off at Plaça d’Espanya station to transfer to subway or other buses for their destinations. Transfers within 75 minutes were considered as one ride but passengers should still scan the ticket while getting into the subway station or bus. Each ride would be recorded on the back of the ticket.

We purchased the ticket from the ticket machine. Station staff was also onsite to provide assistance (in Spanish and English).


Rooms for 2, 3, 4 Sagrada Família

Rooms for 2, 3, 4 Sagrada Familia (Barcelona, Spain)

Price: 126 Euros for 2 nights / double bed (including city taxes)

Wifi: Available and stable

Amenities: A/C, 1 chair, 1 small shelf, a few hangers and 2 large towels

Meal: Not included

LocationGoogle Maps

We used the T-10 tickets to take the red 46 Bus from the airport and transferred to blue N1 Bus to get to the apartment.

The apartment was on the 3rd floor of a walk-up building. The room and bathroom were all very clean. Shampoo, body wash and hair dryer were all available in the bathroom (outside of the room but we had the key to lock it). There was also a washing machine for laundry and detergent was provided.

The kitchen and a 4-people dining table were shared among 3 rooms in the apartment. We did not use the kitchen but it appeared clean. It had a refrigerator, coffee maker, electric stove, oven and microwave along with other kitchenware for cooking. It also had utensils, cups and plates.

The host Alex was very friendly. We emailed him our flight information before our arrival and updated him for actual boarding and landing time at the airports through WhatsApp. Our flight was already delayed and the bus was broken so we had to wait for another bus. By the time we arrived it was already midnight. He waited in a car outside of the building and helped us check in very quickly. He also told us feel free to contact him anytime for any questions.

The washing machine worked fine but the area for hanging clothes after laundry was a bit dirty. The A/C in the room could be turned on but the temperature could not be adjusted down, although it was not a big issue for us since the air circulated pretty well when we kept the door and window open in the morning when we were in the room.

The apartment was 10-minute walk to Sagrada Família and 25-minute walk to Park Güell. The neighborhood was quiet and convenient (supermarkets, bakery and restaurants within walking distance). Overall it was a great experience staying in this local apartment.

Gaudi’s Nest

Gaudi's Nest (Barcelona, Spain)

Sagrada Familia from Gaudi's Nest (Barcelona, Spain)


Price: 344.72 Euros for two nights / apartment

LocationGoogle Maps

The building was located in the park right next to Sagrada Família. It was 2-minute walk to Sagrada Família and the best part was that most of the apartments provided an unbelievably spectacular view of Sagrada Família so did the rooftop.

There were multiple units in the walk-up building. Most of the apartments had large windows facing to Sagrada Família and could accommodate up to 6 people. The guests could enjoy the view anytime, even when having dinner or lying down on a sofa.

We stayed 2 nights in Apartment 2. It was on the third floor, very nice and clean. There were two bed rooms (one of them had a closet), one bathroom, kitchen and living room with a dining table. The host asked us about the bed preference during our booking and set up the bed in the main bed room. It was very comfy.

The kitchen was well equipped with a refrigerator, gas stove, oven, microwave, sink, coffee maker and laundry machine. It also had cups, glasses, bowls, plates and utensils, as well as pots and other kitchenware for cooking. There were also coffee filters, some seasoning and garbage bags in the drawer. The living room had two sofas (2 and 3), a glass coffee table and a dining table along with A/C.

The apartment was set up as a “home.” The host was welcoming and the apartment was comfy. Not to mention the morning and night views from the living room and rooftop were spectacular. The price was not very bad if coming as a group of family or friends. Strongly recommended.

Food / Restaurant

Il Forno

Il Forno (Barcelona, Spain)

A local cafe providing many options of pastries, desserts, tea and coffee. About 15 seats indoor and 2 tables outdoor. The staff spoke English and was friendly. All the food was really good and the coffee was amazing.

Website: Homepage

Price: 11 Euros for 1 sandwich, 2 croissants and 1 hot mocha

Payment: Cash or credit card

LocationGoogle Maps

Xurreria Sagrada Família

Churros at Xurreria Sagrada Família (Barcelona, Spain)

This is our favorite place for churros in Barcelona and we literally had one (churro with filling) every day during our stay. White chocolate churro is highly recommended if you love white chocolate.


Price: 2.5 – 3.2 Euros / piece

LocationGoogle Maps

El Xampanyet

Tapas at El Xampanyet (Barcelona, Spain)

A nice place for drinking and chatting while enjoying tapas. The staff was energetic so were the customers. When a customer paid tips, the staff would ring a bell as appreciation.

It was packed when we arrived but we also got a table quickly, since lots of people just stood to drink and eat. At one point a food walking tour group also stopped by so it got very crowded. There were no English menu but staff spoke some English.

The food was pretty good. The table and seats were a bit tight but was a fun dining experience.

Price: 30.8 Euros for 5 tapas

Payment: Cash or credit card

LocationGoogle Maps

Gelaaati Di Marco

Ice Cream at Gelaaati Di Marco (Barcelona, Spain)
This ice cream place was incredible. It had not only many options but also some very unique ones. There were about 5 to 6 high chair seats available in the store. We came twice during our stay and all the flavors we tried were awesome. Strongly recommended.

Price: 5.6 Euros for 3 scoops

Payment: Cash or credit card

LocationGoogle Maps

Hofmann Pastisseria

Pastry at Hofmann Pastisseria (Barcelona, Spain)

This bakery was famous for the award-winning croissants. The prize came for a reason as the croissants were really delicious. Definitely worth a try.


Price: 2.5 Euros each

Payment: Cash or credit card

LocationGoogle Maps

La Pallaresa Xocolateria Xurreria

Churros at La Pallaresa Xocolateria Xurreria (Barcelona, Spain)

A local cafe famous for churros. The place was not big and was 90% full when we got there. Customers included both local and tourists. The service was quick and the churros were pretty good. The chocolate dipping sauce was a lot for the churros. It was good but a bit too much for us.

Price: 4.6 Euros for a plate of 5 churros and a cup of hot chocolate dipping sauce

Payment: Cash or credit card

LocationGoogle Maps

Granja M. Viader

Churros and Crema Catalana at Granja M. Viader (Barcelona, Spain)

A local restaurant famous for churros. The restaurant had a big menu but it seemed that most people came for desserts and coffee. It had a good amount of tables and the restrooms were clean. The churros were good but we found the crema catalana more interesting. It looked like a Crème brûlée but the tasted was very different. Worth a try.

Website: Homepage

Price: 5.9 Euros for a plate of 5 churros and one crema catalana

Payment: Cash or credit card

LocationGoogle Maps

Les Quinze Nits

Appetizer with Octopus and Squid Ink Paella at Les Quinze Nits (Barcelona, Spain)

A Catalan restaurant famous for paella. It was in Plaça Reial surrounded by many restaurants and most of them provided both indoor and outdoor seating.

We arrived around 8pm. Outdoor seats were mostly taken but there were still some tables inside so we got one. English menu was available and service was okay. Restrooms were clean.

We ordered baby octopus as appetizer and squid ink paella as main dish. The appetizer size was small and not much flavor. The paella only had squid and rice but it was pretty good, especially with the garlic mayo.

Website: Homepage

Price: 32.65 Euros for one baby octopus appetizer, squid ink paella (for two) and 1 liter bottled water

Payment: Cash or credit card

Location: Google Maps


Lunch Course at Morryssom (Barcelona, Spain)

The weekday menu included an appetizer, main course and dessert. The options were subject to change.

The restaurant had two floors and also outdoor seating, Staff did not speak English but was quite friendly.

The vegetables were fresh and the salad dressing was very good. Sausage and fish were not bad. Flan was great but the chocolate cake was very plain. Overall worth the money.

Website: Homepage

Price: 10 Euros / weekday set menu

Payment: Cash or credit card

LocationGoogle Maps

Can Josep Restaurant

Lunch set at Can Josep Restaurant (Barcelona, Spain)

Catalan restaurant recommended by local. This was not a fancy restaurant but served really good food.

We came for lunch on a Thursday. There was only one waiter but he set up the table for us very quickly. He did not speak much English but was friendly and very willing to explain the menu.

We ordered a fish salad, chickpeas with black sausages and crema catalana for 23.2 Euros. The salad was big, vegetables were very fresh and the fish added a great flavor to it. The chickpeas were soft and the sausages were salty but not heavy, creating a very good mix. The crema catalana looked like a flan but was extremely soft and creamy, absolutely amazing.

We enjoyed the local atmosphere and the food. Highly recommended for those looking for local cuisine.

Payment: Cash or credit card

LocationGoogle Maps


Pinchos at Maitea (Barcelona, Spain)

This restaurant recommended by local served many kinds of pinchos along with tapas and meals. Cold pinchos were self-served so customers would go to the bar to pick whatever they liked. Hot pinchos and all others would be ordered through the waiters.

We arrived around 7:30pm and it was more than half empty, but it got pretty packed by 9pm. Not all the staff spoke English but they were all generally nice. We had 13 pinchos (1.85 Euros each) and two fish tapas for 39.75 Euros. Some were creamy and salty while others were refreshing, creating a really good mix of a variety of flavors.

It is a perfect place for people who want to have a bite of many different tastes.

No outdoor seating. Restroom was clean.


Payment: Cash or credit card

LocationGoogle Maps

El Tastet de L’Artur

Paella at El Tastet de L'Artur (Barcelona, Spain)

The restaurant was right next to Gaudi’s Nest apartment, managed by the same owner.

We ordered a plate of fried padrón peppers and seafood paella for two, totally 39.8 Euros. We came here only because it served paella and was right next to our apartment. Surprisingly it was very tasty and we were very satisfied. The padrón peppers were fried well and not too salty. The paella had a lot of seafood and it was amazing.

We got a voucher for a free bottle of champagne when we checked in at Gaudi’s Nest apartment. Since we did not drink, we asked the waitress and it was okay to exchange for two glasses of non-alcohol fruity cocktails, which also tasted pretty good.

Outdoor seating available. There were also some local people came here for dinner.


Payment: Cash or credit card

LocationGoogle Maps


Olive oil and white vinegar from Orolíquido (Barcelona, Spain)

Spain had the largest production of olive oil around the world, and we had olive oil on our list for this trip. We found this shop from our research and got to try one of the best olive oil we ever had.

The lady at the store was very nice and introduced various kinds of olive oil. She not only let us tasted them but also explained the origins and why the tastes varied. We also found really good white balsamic vinegar here.

The store did not have lots of options but it did have really good products. Recommended for those looking for natural seasoning.

Price: 38 Euros / per bottle of olive oil, 30Euros / per bottle of white balsamic vinegar (250 ml each)

Payment: Cash or credit card

LocationGoogle Maps

El Almendro

Turron from El Almendro (Barcelona, Spain)

Turrón was one of the traditional Christmas desserts in Spain, mainly made of egg white, honey, almonds, hazelnuts and other nuts. This brand had a long history and was famous for Turrón. The products could be found in supermarkets and airport shops. Many flavors and packages available.

Payment: Cash or credit card


Another brand famous for Turrón. The store also had a variety of chocolates wrapped in many different types of package. From time to time the store provided free samples which helped customers determine what to purchase.


Payment: Cash or credit card

LocationGoogle Maps


Santa Caterina Market (Mercat de Santa Caterina)

Santa Caterina Market (Barcelona, Spain)


Payment: Cash or credit card

LocationGoogle Maps

This was a local market with many stalls selling meat, fish, seafood, fresh hams, cheese, fruits and etc. There were also a few food stands to grab some quick bites. The market was very organized, also appeared more local people than tourists here for grocery. We arrived around 12pm and not lots of people there so very easy to walk around.

We bought about 100 gram of 5J fresh ham (10.4 Euros) and 100 gram of cheese (2.93 Euros) as appetizers before lunch and 3 packs of paella seasoning (7.35 Euros). The ham and cheese were fresh and delicious.

We also stopped by Boqueria Market (Mercado de La Boqueria) afterwards. Boqueria seemed much bigger but the number of people was very overwhelming and the market was packed so we did not spend much time there. We prefer more local atmosphere like Santa Caterina where we could walk around easily.

Col·legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya

Col·legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain)

LocationGoogle Maps

The building was the Architects’ Association of Catalonia and famous for the Picasso’s paintings attached to the building. There was also a tourist information and shop inside.

Picasso Museum (Museu Picasso de Barcelona)

Picasso Museum (Barcelona, Spain)


Price: 14 Euros / person, including permanent and temporary exhibitions

Payment: Cash or credit card

Location: Google Maps

We did not book tickets online in advance and found a long line at the ticket office. Thus we just booked the tickets on our phone through the museum website. Note that the entering time has to be selected while booking the tickets, and the same-day online tickets have to be purchased at least two hours before the entering time.

Backpacks and large items had to be placed into lockers. 1 Euro was required to use the lockers but it would be returned when bags were picked up. All the exhibitions were on the same floor, and we spent 2 hours here. Our tickets did not include audio guide but we really enjoyed the exhibitions and definitely amazed by Picasso’s artwork, talents, effort and attitude toward different phases of his life.

Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar (Basílica Santa Maria del Mar)

Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar (Barcelona, Spain)


LocationGoogle Maps

The church was open to public for free. Tickets were also available for guided tours which included access to the tower, rooftop and galleries. It was very graceful and worth a visit.


Miraestels (Barcelona, Spain)


LocationGoogle Maps

This was a floating sculpture created by a local artist. It was easy to be spotted when walking by the Rambla De Mar.

Sagrada Família

Sagrada Familia (Barcelona, Spain)


Price: 29 Euros / person (with audioguide and tower access)

LocationGoogle Maps

Worldwide well-known unfinished church by Antoni Gaudi, declared a World Heritage Site in 2005 by UNESCO.

The project started in 1880s and was scheduled to be completed in 2026. Various types of tickets were available, which could be purchased on the official website in advance (link provided above). Purchasers would need to select dates and times based on availability. The audioguide was available in 15 different languages and could be selected during the online ticket order if included in the ticket types selected.

The current entrance is at Nativity facade (north east side of the church, right across a park). Security check was required for all the visitors and all the bags had to be scanned (similar with airport security check). Visitors would then walk up a short stairway after the check and see Nativity facade. Audioguide could be picked up from the first door on the right.

We had our online tickets on the phone, and the staff at the entrance scanned our tickets. Then we passed through the security check and picked up the audioguide (in Japanese and Chinese). The audioguide was clear and the translation was very smooth.

Our tickets included the access to Nativity facade tower but unfortunately it was closed due to weather condition. Although it reopened later on, our assigned access time had passed so we were not allowed to enter. The staff also noted that while the tickets to Nativity facade tower were sold out for the day, the tickets to Passion facade tower could still be purchased on site (9 Euros each).

Since our tower tickets were not used, about a month after our visiting day we received a refund of 7 Euros per ticket on the credit card used for the online ticket purchase.

Due to its popularity, Sagrada Família attracted so many visitors, and the excitement and sounds from countless visitors unconsciously turned it into a complete tourist attraction, which reduced the peace and majesty from a church. However, no doubt the architecture was amazingly beautiful, and definitely worth a visit.

Casa Milà

Casa Mila (Barcelona, Spain)


Price: 22 Euros / person (with audioguide)

LocationGoogle Maps

Popularly known as La Pedrera, a residential building designed by Antoni Gaudi in 1900s and declared a World Heritage Site in 1984 by UNESCO.

Various types of tickets were available, which could be purchased on the official website in advance (link provided above). All the bags had to be scanned for security.

Audioguide could be picked up right after the security check. Audioguide was available in various different languages, which could be selected during the pick-up process. Large bags had to be left at the lockers per instruction from the staff. Each locker cost 1 Euro and would be returned when bags were picked up. Coin exchange machine available in the locker room.

All the visitors would take an elevator to the rooftop where the tour started, and then walk down the floors to explore the initiative and technique from Gaudi for the architecture, as well as showrooms demonstrating the living style of a wealthy family back in 1900s.

We had our online tickets on the phone, and the staff at the entrance scanned our tickets. Then we passed through the security check and picked up the audioguide (in Japanese and Chinese). The audioguide was clear and the translation was very smooth. At the rooftop, the guide would also point out another two architecture designed by Gaudi visible from the roof.

Overall it was a great tour, not only to learn more about Gaudi and his design but also the impacts to the past and current society.

Park Güell

Park Güell (Barcelona, Spain)


LocationGoogle Maps

A residential park designed by Antoni Gaudi and declared a World Heritage Site in 1984 by UNESCO.

Various types of tickets were available, and the online tickets were cheaper than from the on-site ticket offices. The opening hours varied based on the season (further details available on the website, link provided above). Access to the park was free if entering before the opening hours.

The park was accessible by Bus (red #92) to the side gate. However, as the bus ride would take more than 20 minutes, we decided to take the half-hour walk in case the bus did not come as scheduled. The walk was all upward slope but not very steep (until the last 3 minutes before arriving at the park).

We arrived at the main gate on Carrer D’Olot around 7am (the park opened at 8am in high season), and got in from a side door (at the right of the main gate) without tickets. Once the staff stood by the gate, tickets were required to enter. Staff asked us for the tickets when we exited, and we just told her we entered before the opening hours.

We found that coming in the morning was great since there were much less visitors and the park was very beautiful with the morning sunlight. Lots of mosaics were used as decoration in the park and they were very cute. We left around 9:30am and the park had transformed from a quiet park into a lively tourist attraction.



Fresh Ham at Mercadona (Barcelona, Spain)

Payment: Cash or credit card (including mobile payments)

This was a chain supermarket with many locations in Barcelona (easy to find on Google maps). We liked to find something random locally and just gave it a try, so supermarket was a must. There were also lots of options of fresh ham charged by gram. Additionally, this supermarket had its own brand Hacendado for many different products with lower prices.


El Corte Ingles


Payment: Cash or credit card

Location: Google Maps

International travelers could obtain a 10% coupon book providing the passport to the customer service counter at the -2 level (note that some stores were excluded from this offer, including the supermarket). The same counter also provided tax-free / refund services.

The supermarket here was good for those with tight schedule (so no time to hang around different local markets) or looking for a bit high-end brands. Although the prices could be slightly higher, it would be easier to find most (if not all) needed.